Send a Payment

PayPal or Credit Card

I will normally receive your funds within an hour when you use PayPal to send me your payment. Simply visit the PayPal website then 'send money' to this address:

You agree that if I am charged a PayPal transaction fee I may deduct this fee (up to 3.5%) from your payment. Please check this page to learn how to avoid transaction fees when sending money via PayPal.

Bank Wire Transfer

Have your domestic bank transfer your funds to mine via bank wire. This payment method is slower than PayPal but faster than EFT:

Wire To:         The Peoples Bank
152 Lameuse Street
Biloxi MS 39530
ABA Number:         065500752
Credit To:         Kenneth R Grome
16105 Big Ridge Rd
Biloxi MS 39532
Account Number:         4782926

Your payment should appear in my bank account the same day or the next business day when you use this method to pay electronically.

Electronic Fund Transfer

Send a payment directly from your U.S. bank to mine via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. This payment method is sometimes referred to as EFT - Electronic Fund Transfer:

my bank's name:         The Peoples Bank
my bank's routing number:         065500752
my account number:         4782926

Your payment will generally appear in my bank account in 2-3 business days when you use this payment method.

Personal Check

Mail me a personal or business check, drawn on a U.S. bank or credit union, and payable to "Kenneth Grome". Don't forget to sign and date it. Normally your check will clear 7-12 days after you mail it.