Programming Rates

I have more than two decades of computer programming experience and tens of thousands of lines of pre-written code in my library — some of which I can probably reuse in your website.

I work very efficiently and always find ways to save money for my clients. I write new code nearly every day, sometimes all day long, which keeps me fast and current as a professional programmer.

Please consider hiring me. My existing clients are satisfied with my work, and I'm sure they will give you their opinions of me if you ask nicely.

Prepaid Hourly Work - $250 per hour

As an independent contractor I work exclusively on a prepaid basis. If you prefer to hire me as a regular salaried or hourly employee (at a substantially discounted rate) I am happy to discuss the details.

My minimum charge is $1000 which covers the first 0-4 hours of work per project. Prepaying means you will pay a minimum of 4 hours in advance for each new project. You can make additional payments on the same project at any time. Each payment increases the value of your prepaid account balance by the amount of your prepayment, less any applicable transaction fees.

I will stop working whenever your prepaid account runs out of money. Then you can make another payment so I can continue, or you can terminate the project at that time.

I will refund any overpayment upon project completion or immediately upon demand. This means you will never pay for more than the exact amount of time I have invested in your project.

I charge for all time I apply to your project. This includes reading your project description, discussing the details, considering options, making suggestions, doing research, writing programming code, running debugging tests, making corrections and adjustments, etc. Time is money, so please prepare well before contacting me if you wish to minimize your costs.

I am willing to drop everything else in my life and deal with your emergency as soon as humanly possible. In other words, I will never let you down or abandon you when you need me most. However, I charge an extra $100 per hour for emergency work, so please keep your prepaid account well funded if you anticipate hiring me on an emergency basis.

Your time is valuable, and so is mine. To minimize my charges please define the project carefully from the beginning, answer my inquiries promptly, and run your own tests when I finish each significant modification. There may be other ways I can help you save money too, so don't be afraid to ask.


Great clients qualify for discounted rates. To become a great client you should seek to insure that you are doing as many of these as possible:

  • Provide 10% or more of my consulting income each year
  • Hire me on a prepaid retainer basis for at least $2000 per month
  • Respond promptly when I ask questions about the current project
  • Be friendly, respectful and professional in our communications
  • Recommend a new client who hires me and appreciates my work


Our emails will comprise our complete working agreement. There will be no other written or verbal contracts unless you make it clear in an email that you require our working agreements to be documented via non-email methods. Please keep copies of all our emails in order to clarify issues and avoid potential misunderstandings.


I do not create or deliver invoices as part of my regular service. If you need me to invoice you, please send me a sample of the type of invoice and the detail you require before we get started.


I am more flexible that the terms on this page might suggest. If these terms won't work for you, just call or email me so we can work out an alternate arrangement. My overall goal is to serve you in the best way possible.